When we first moved to Colorado we only had our NYC clothes. The moment we walked down Pearl Street in Boulder, the looks we received were crazy. We actually got looks, AND not in a good way. The friendliness we received in the summer wearing our casual summer outfits, turned to backs and sneering. The kind and wonderful Coloradians turned away from us.

At this point, I’m riding out this extremely long contraction and just repeating over and over “Make it stop, make it stop.” Then I started feeling this intense pressure. She felt like she was coming out. Now I’m yelling “I can feel her coming out!” The doctors and nurses refused to check my dilation because of the meconium but finally they came to check me and were like “Holy Crap! She’s 7 cm.” I swear I was about to push in like 5 minutes if they didn’t bring me to surgery.

Water’s pH is usually between 6.5-8.5, making it an amazing cleanser all on its own.

If you are using harsh cleansers, and you have oily skin, it’s because you are stripping your skin too much and it causes your oil glands to produce more oil which produces more acne.

Contrary to popular belief oil on our skin is a GOOD THING.

I thought to myself, “There is no way I am sleeping naked, I can’t even sleep with shorts on. I hated the feeling of my legs or any part of my skin touching each other.” I love to sleep cold, I thought sleeping naked would have made even hotter. But it turns out, it’s quite opposite from the truth.

I felt exotic. How could I not? I was half Korean, half French/Native American growing up in a completely white town in Vermont. I didn’t feel like my name embodied me, or reflected my personality. It helped me fit in a little bit having such an English/Irish name.