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Why I DONT Wash My Face In The Morning

When I had horrible cystic, never-ending acne I scoured the internet for an answer.

On my search, I came across the simple tip of not washing your face in the morning. Just cleansing the skin with water or nothing at all.

Salma Hayek is famous for this and as seeing she’s in her 50s and looking as radiant as ever, I had to try it.

It made sense to me. What could I possibly be doing at night other than laying on a pillow unconscious, that would require me to cleanse my skin.

I used to think at night my skin oozed out oil, and dirt and that’s why I needed to cleanse, but its not true. We’re not zombies. Sleep is for regeneration and healing, not for us to decay.

Our skin is at a natural ph balance that is slightly acidic (around 4.7). The top layer of our skin is called the “acid mantle” which is a protective layer that is made up of beneificial bacterial flora, enzymes and oil that keep away skin conditions at bay and maintains your skins moisture levels.

When we use soap and harsh cleansers on our skin that are too alkaline, they disrupt the pH balance in our skin that help to protect and keep the skin hydrated.

Water’s pH is usually between 6.5-8.5, making it an amazing cleanser all on its own.

If you are using harsh cleansers, and you have oily skin, it’s because you are stripping your skin too much and it causes your oil glands to produce more oil which produces more acne.

Contrary to popular belief oil on our skin is a GOOD THING.

When I was a teenager with raging hormones and drank a lot of hormone rich dairy, I had the aboslute worst oily skin. I was on proactive at the time, which only made the oil worse. I had to use oil blotting sheets every 30 minutes and I swear you could almost squeeze it out. When my Korean aunts saw how much oil I was producing they would smile and laugh and tell me how lucky I am. You’ll have youthful and beautiful skin forever, they said. It’s this precious acid mantle that we need to protect and nourish. That is the secret to everlastingly youthful skin.


Oil is the key. Not too much and not too little. It will self-regulate if you don’t use any harsh cleansers and skip the cleanser especially in the morning. I don’t use any soap at all, not even in the evening, but only use an oil-based cleanser. (My favorite at the moment is Farmacys Green Clean).


An easy test to see if your evening cleanser is too drying to your skin is to wash your face and don’t apply anything to your skin for 30 minutes. If your skin feels tight and dry, your cleanser is definitely too harsh and is drying out your skin.

To test if your cleanser is removing all the dirt and makeup is to wash your skin, take some rosewater on a cotton pad and wipe your face. If there is anything remotely dark on the cotton pad, you’re cleanser isn’t doing a good enough clean.

That’s why I recommend oil at night and water or nothing at all in the morning.


Healthy skin is healthy on its own. Your skin should not be dependent on products whatsoever. Our bodies are an incredible machine, they should function perfectly on their own. By manipulating it and relying on these products to give us good skin creates a horrible cycle.


            “Our skin is too oily so we have to use this cleanser, and this toner to remove oil, and this special gel moisturizer to prevent breakouts, and oil pressing sheets, and my skin is breaking out, and need to use more foundation to make my skin look better, and the acne won’t go away and so I need to use this clay mask to pull out the impurities, but the clay mask made my skin too dry so I need to use a hydrating mask, and a thicker cream because my skin ended up too dry, then the next morning there’s so much oil and more acne and you have to do it all over again.”

Sound familiar?

When I stopped washing my face in the morning, there was absolutely no difference in my skin. It felt a little weird not to wash my face in the morning. I felt a little dirty but it was honestly in my head. After the next couple of days of doing so, it was so nice to not have to wash my face. I’m not sure if you feel the same way about showers sometimes, but for some reason getting your body wet seems like a big deal and so time consuming, even if its a quick rinse. When I no longer had to wash my face I felt like I had so much more time in the morning. I was free.

But other than saving time, I noticed my skin became so much more smooth and hydrated by itself. Moisturizer became optional, and sometimes I forgot to apply anything, and my skin started looking even better. I had no more oil issues and once I truly found the cure for my acne, it seemed my acne started to heal faster. I even started taking it to the next level, and going days without washing my face. My skin became more clear and scars were disappearing faster than any product promised.

Once you get your skin balanced with using only water and oil cleansers, the results you’ll achieve are the ones you always thought the most expensive cream or cleanser could give you, and here it is, mother nature delivering results straight to your face.


Skincare products should only enhance already well functioning skin. Skin that needs a little help with natural potent ingredients. That’s what it’s for. It’s not going to promise you the most amazing doll like complexions of supermodels, and if it does, it can be way too expensive. True beautiful skin comes from within and leaving the outside alone.


Don’t let the beauty industry tell you anything else. They are just trying to rob you. Find good quality products that are like your sidekick, you are the main hero.  

P.S Stay tuned for my Morning Routine

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