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Why I Sleep Naked And You Should Too!

About 2.5 years ago, Ilan showed me a couple articles on the benefits of sleeping naked. When he first told me about it I laughed and ignored him. I thought to myself, “There is no way I am sleeping naked, I can’t even sleep with shorts on. I hated the feeling of my legs or any part of my skin touching each other.” I love to sleep cold, I thought sleeping naked would have made even hotter. But it turns out, it’s quite opposite from the truth. So after reading some incredible articles, I decided to try it out for myself.


Here’s a quick concise list of all the benefits I gathered from my research of sleeping in the nude, and my experience in the red. (Scroll to the bottom for the articles, if you’d like to read more.) 

1.   You become smarter!

-      Your Brain removes some toxic proteins in your brain which help you think more clearly, creatively, and help you solve problems better.

-      I have felt more clear headed, and my brain fog has definitely improved. So Check!

2.   Say goodbye to stress!

-      Deep sleep helps restore your cortisol levels which helps you improves how you handle sress.

-      My anxiety has also gotten a lot better. My day job used to give to tear me down at certain points, but I’ve been having great days at work, and manifesting positivity from all around me a lot more. I thought it was a coincidence, but even my “SM” felt it as well. He says we’ve been doing a lot of subconscious work at night.


3.   Loose Weight!

-      When you sleep cool your body’s metabolism has to create more brown fat to keep you warm. This type of fat burns calories (300 x more than any other organ in your body). This brown fat will help boost your metabolism all day to keep you losing weight.

-      No more belly fat too! It reduces the fat around our mid area and can even lower cholesterol.

-      I’ve been mostly raw, so my digestion has been on point, and I’ve felt lighter and thinner than I have been in a while, so definite check!

4.   No more puffiness!

-      If youre like me, I have bad circulation in my legs, so I would always end up with swollen legs at the end of the day. With removing your clothes, your body improves its blood circulation which is great for swollen muscles and even your heart!

-      I used to wear compression socks that I got from Korea every single night to help the swelling from my legs. I don’t feel the need to really use them anymore unless they are really bad. Check!

5.   It builds your confidence and sexiness.

-      It’ll make you more comfortable with being at your most vulnerable physical self.  As you get used to it, your confidence and self esteem will sky rocket.

-      This one is a big one! Wow. Even though I feel very comfortable in my skin, my hair, especially body hair used to be a big self esteem issue for me. Even showing it to my “SM” who is so unconditionally accepting. It was hard to see it or see any little imperfections I had, especially a bloated stomach from eating something my body didn’t like. But I have felt incredible and more sexy than I have ever felt in my life. That’s 8 hours of subconscious self esteem work you are doing a night. It’s incredible. Even for all the reasons I’ve listed here, this one alone has been the most life changing of them all.

6.   Healthier Vagina

-      Airing out our lady parts can prevent any growth of bacteria and yeast, keeping it dry and healthy.

-      I have noticed my vagina smells better and doesn’t feel as dirty in the morning. Check!  

7.   Healthier Skin

                                             i.     We are always covering up our skin all day which can clog our pores and cause skin diseases like athletes foot.

                                           ii.     – My skin feels cool and fresh.

7 . Happier relationships

-      Ever watch that episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, the Naked man one. Well, sleeping naked does encourage sex. Sex makes people happy, which makes relationships happier.

-      It releases Oxytocin which helps stress levels, and even spooning in our birthday suits reduces intestinal inflammation. 

-      Skin on skin contact releases oxytocin which makes you and your partner more connected, and increases sex drive.

-      Sex drive from both of us has definitely increased. We are always incredibly happy, but Ilan” has noticed his “Morning Rise” has been stronger since sleeping naked.

8.   Save Money?

-      No more pajamas?

-      Haha, I still have a ridiculous amount of pajamas and I still enjoy wearing them before bed when lounging in the house.

9.   Anti Aging

-      Lowering your body temperature from sleeping naked will help you regulate growth hormones. According to WebMD this helps prevent aging.

-      I’m all for long term benefits, I can’t say I look so much younger or have become a vampire and stopped aging since I stopped. But I’d love to continue this for the rest of my life.

10.                Acne Cure?

-      Airing out the skin can also prevent acne.

-      I used to get a little bit of bacne in my spine crevis and it definitely has helped heal them and prevent them. I put a little bit of shea butter on them as well. 


I HIGHLY recommend to try it for a week, see how you feel, and write in the comments of your experience. It can be really liberating at first, slightly scary and exciting and sexy. “SM” and I sleep like rocks. You can sleep like that too.




Ysabeau’s Extra Tips:

-      Use Cotton or high quality more natural fabrics for sheets. (See this article, to see why:

-      Take a body shower, sleeping with fresh and clean skin will keep your sheets staying that way too.

-      Keep a night gown or robe next to your bed, to easily get up in the morning.

-      Keep thermostat at 70 degrees.


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