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How My Style Changed From NYC to Colodaro

Fashion has always been extremely important to me. How could it not? It’s something that we wear every single day. You can choose to just wear any dress or shirt, but where’s the fun in that?


It’s a way to express yourself, change yourself, transform yourself into how you want to feel and the person you want to become, for at least as long as you wear that said outfit.


There’s a latin saying “Clothes make the man.” It is definitely true. Wear a suit, you feel formal, wear baggie clothes you feel lazy.


Take a homeless man and dress him in a suit, he gets a job. Take a homely girl and put her in couture, she’s a princess.


There’s power and identity behind the cloth that adorns us.


But as a person who has created her style over the years, carefully figuring out which styles flatters myself the most, what colors bring out my skin-tone and hair, it came a surprise to me as well when I moved to Colorado I would have such a vast transformation of my style.


When I grew up in a small town in Vermont, I still dressed up as if I was going to walk the runway in NYC. I loved to wear expensive clothes, that reeked of high fashion with a French modern classic taste with elegance and charm. Think Blair Waldorf in a way. I wore these clothes even though all the rest of the community wore L.L Bean and North Face. I wasn’t alone, my mother was with me in this journey. I got it from her. Clothes were important to us. We felt important, put together, graceful, and intelligent. It’s something I truly prided myself on and enjoyed.


I lived around the world and still my style didn’t change, I always found clothes that fit this style throughout Europe and Asia.


When I lived in NYC I took it to the next level. Thousand dollar coats, shoes, furs, leather. Not only did I look expensive, I was expensive. But that is the style of NYC. My clothes naturally were darker, black and grey with hints of other colors. That’s the colors of NYC. Grey dark buildings with bright lights.


When we first moved to Colorado we only had our NYC clothes. The moment we walked down Pearl Street in Boulder, the looks we received were crazy. We actually got looks, AND not in a good way. The friendliness we received in the summer wearing our casual summer outfits, turned to backs and sneering. The kind and wonderful Coloradians turned away from us.


Ilan and I looked at each other. I told him. “I think its best we don’t buy anything dark for a while.”


At the same time my stomach was blossoming with our unborn child. I needed to change my style and fast. Not only did we need to incorporate color into our wardrobe, I now needed to dress the bump.


So…Easy, light colors. But what style? Middle America? Well, God had blessed me well and at the time a co-worker introduced me to Boho dresses. I always loved Maxi dresses but they were never really practical in NYC. (Could get stepped on). I was also 5’4, and Maxi dresses seemed to swim on me. But these boho dresses were different. I found some gorgeous elegant, natural, not hippie looking at all dresses.


Here I could have long flowing dresses and be like a princess, just in a more casual style.


She introduced me to this world.


That weekend our neighbor introduced us to the most charming store called Due South. Farmhouse furniture, homemade candles, and adorable clothing. Cute, wearable, timeless. Here are some examples below.


I found myself finding things that fit my style that invited happiness, inclusiveness, and charm.


I realized how stuck up my wardrobe had been in NYC and the rest of the world. Here I found a style that made me warm and beautiful in an approachable way. Natural. EFFORTLESS. Not in a way where, “Look at this expensive to die for dress. You’ll never look good in it. See how beautiful I am? Don’t you wish you were like me. I spent sooo much time and money on this. Worth it right? “


Honestly, that’s how it came across. It’s appreciated in NYC. The city of competition. The people will walk all over you if you let them. Not many can survive in NYC. I couldn’t. Thank god. Best decision of our lives was to leave in NYC.


Here in Colorado I can breathe. You know what’s also so funny. Almost everyone we’ve met in Colorado are from NYC/NJ or California. We are all transplants.


I’m not saying people wear cheap clothes here either. They don’t. Probably not as expensive but much more practical. Instead of a 400$ fur lined coat, they’ll wear an expensive puffer coat (that is functional). Bright colors.


Even Ilan just bought a yellow puffer, and he looks so handsome.




The dark colors we worse had such an effect on our mood.


Try wearing extremely bright colors in NYC in the winter. It’s crazy how much you’ll stick out. Here? Try finding black.


It definitely has such an effect on our mood. That’s what color therapy is for, and why not combine it with retail therapy?


In a way with this transformation of style, I feel more like myself. In New York, you can dressing for other people in a way. You can tell yourself all you want that its for yourself, but if you ever go out of the house not wearing something nice you aren’t taken as seriously.


Here, no one knows the difference, and its usually the millionares that are dressed the most casual.


But its not about looking rich or making people jealous or even expressing yourself like I mentioned in the beginning of the article.


It’s about being free. Wearing colors that are natural, clothes that easy to move in, clothes that can bring people closer to you, not push them away.


Social Media can get us caught up with the ever changing styles of what these it girls are wearing. “I wanna look just like them.” So many of them are not smiling and just look so narcisstic and in love with themselves. They are gorgeous, but stuck up. So many don’t look friendly approachable or seem like a good role model for us to look at.


When we surround ourselves with people from the city we live in, the social media we look at, and wear the clothes they wear, we turn into them instead of turning into ourselves.


When I also went on this journey with Christ to find peace, love, and happiness in my life. That meant the clothes that I wore as well. I wanted to feel free, airy, feminine, bright and happy. Things that are a little hard to wear in NYC when everyone is trying to impress each other.


In Colorado, they want to be comfortable and cute. But comfort is a huge thing. I wish sometimes they would pay a little more attention to fashion, but I’ll take the happy living over the stress of NYC any day.


When I went to visit NYC after moving to Colorado, I felt like an outsider, in a perfect way. I felt like me, not the idea of me if that makes any sense. When you live in such a big city and have thousands of people look at you, you starting thinking of yourself as an idea. How to dress the idea, how to make the idea look this way, how to present it, and forget about yourself.


But visiting, I had no one to impress but myself. I smiled, and wore clothes that made me feel me. I maintained that calmness that I adopted from Colorado and felt the hustle and bustle of the city go past me, not whisk me away. It’s hard not to, but thank goodness I don’t live there anymore.


I’m not trying to hate on NYC, I just have a little bit of beef with that town. It has its own charm, but I need a mixture of city and nature

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